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R3P Rewards is our way of high-fiving you for crushing out your goals. For every dollar you spend, we give you points to put toward future purchases, free product, or exclusive perks. Level up and earn points even faster. Live your life, earn your R3P.

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Get what you put in: spend dollars and earn points. Stock them up for future purchases or exclusive offers.

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More ways to earn

Workouts are hard, but earning points is easy. Here are the ways to do it.

< 500 points
> 500 points
> 3000 points
Earn Points ($1 = 5 points) x x x
Redeem points for Products (100 points = $1) x x x
Exclusive Offer & Promotions x x x
Earn Bonus Points (+50 pts / Checkout) x x
Free Samples & Exclusive Products x
Insider Info on the Newest Flavors x
< 500 pts > 500 pts > 3000 pts

All points to be earned in two years (from the start of earning period) for #reputation status. Points are earned on pre-tax and pre-shipping values. Points do not expire.

Exclusive Rewards

Earn your way to glory and great rewards - reach Tier 3 of the R3P Rewards program and you'll get the chance to redeem exclusive rewards, like premium discount codes, limited release merchandise, and free samples of new flavours. Keep earning and stay tuned, because our team is cooking up new exclusive rewards to help our most loyal members live their best life.

Coming Soon
???? PTS
$70 off R3P
6000 PTS
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???? PTS
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