We're a Family

And we want you to be a part of it. We’re looking to build a team of people that share the same goal — our goal is leading our best lives & changing the face of fitness, one R3P at a time. Devoted to challenge and change? Keep scrolling.
Entry Level
0-10 Orders

10% commission rate on all sales with code.

Unique 15% off discount code for your followers.

Personal use only 25% off discount code.

Invite to the Street Team private Facebook group.

11-25 Orders

Personal use only discount code jumps to 30% off.

Personalized Street Team Welcome Kit.

First access to new products & flavours before the public.

+ All Benefits of Tier 1
26-75 Orders

15% commission rate on all sales with code.

2 free supplements of your choice per month.

Exclusive R3P apparel + gear.

Free samples for you and your squad.

+ All Benefits of Tier 1 & 2
76+ Orders

$500 of R3P products per month.

Opportunity to represent us at events worldwide.

Visit our HQ in Vancouver for a long-weekend R3P Experience.

+ All Benefits of Tier 1, 2 & 3
How do I know which tier I fall under?

After you apply to become a member of the Street Team, we’ll take a look at your application and let you know what tier you fall under. It’s not just about the amount of followers you have - we take into account your overall fit, understanding and passion about the brand, engagement, and reach.

I want to become a member of the Street Team, but I’ve never tried any products. What should I do?

You can still fill out an application if you haven’t tried out our products. When we get back to you, simply let us know that you’d like to try our products before becoming a part of our team. If we see you as a good fit, we’re more than happy to send you free products and samples for you to try. Besides, we want you to believe in what you’re selling.

Do I start earning commission right away?

Yes, once you’re set up with your personalized discount code to share with your followers, you will start making commission on every sale you make.

Does it matter where I’m located / where I live?

We don’t discriminate. You can be a Street Team member from anywhere in the world!

What if I’m not on Instagram (but would like to promote the products through other channels, eg. Youtube, Facebook, etc.)?

That’s completely fine. We can still set you up with a code; the way that you curate your content is completely up to you, and that means doing it on different streams of media - whatever works for you.